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Sinister CBD Coffee
Sinister CBD Coffee
Sinister CBD Coffee
Sinister CBD Coffee

    Sinister CBD Coffee


    Coffee Facts: 


    • Premium Roast
    • Patented Nano Delivery Technology
    • 100% Organic Coffee
    • 100% Compostable including packaging
    • 0% THC
    • Made In The USA
    • 4 Pods Per Box


    The Hemp You Can Feel™Coffee Story


    We love CBD products but noticed that many do not meet purity and potency claims and thus do next to nothing for the consumer. Based on this belief, we created Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee. There are several important differences in our coffee.

    First of all, it is important to remember that hemp extracts and CBD are oils and our bodies are primarily made of water. Hemp infused products must provide a method to get the two to mix. This is at the heart of our Hemp You Can Feel™ technology. Via the creation of the only all-natural, truly water soluble technology for coffee pod infusion, we have nailed this issue.

    Our products based on some of the highest quality organic ingredients available in the marketplace. We import, roast and grind our organically sourced beans at our own facility and we control 100% of the production process. While most hemp coffee brands simply spray extracts onto the coffee, our product is based on a unique true infusion process that provides superior taste and availability of the extracts to the body. It is so new and innovative it is Patent Pending with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. Unlike the majority of other infused products, we use no chemicals, surfactants, or artificial processes to make our infusions.

    It is more expensive to infuse coffee with only hemp extracts, organic non-GMO starches from vegetables, honey from organic farms, and trace amounts of organic vegetable and coconut oils, but it clearly produces a superior product with an ingredient list we are very proud to place on our products.

    We are also especially proud of our packaging. Plastic is polluting the Earth and we are doing our part to not contribute to the problem by producing packaging, including the coffee pod and the lid, that is 100% compostable within 120 days of being discarded.

    Lastly, we are excited to include an independent laboratory Certificate of Analysis for our product within our packaging. Unfortunately, we know why the vast majority of manufacturers don’t provide this information. As is outlined on the certificate, each coffee pod contains at least 30 milligrams of CBD, numerous other components of hemp extracts, and no detectable THC.

    Simply put, Hemp You Can Feel™ is a no expense spared hemp extract infusion coffee. A product we feel great about and are proud to offer to our customers.

    And, best of all, this is truly and hemp and CBD product you can feel!


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